Woods in British Furniture-Making 1400-1900 : An Illustrated Historical Dictionary

 Author(s) Adam Bowett 
 Publisher Oblong Creative Ltd in association with Kew Publishing, 2012
 Description  This attractive book charts the species, sources and history of woods used in British furniture making from medieval times to the 20th century.
The main ‘dictionary’ section of the book explores hardwoods and softwoods in turn, including information on the history of the wood, uses and cross reference to other woods, covering more than 477 species in 460 entries, from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. It is copiously illustrated with examples of historic furniture, much of it documented.
The book also includes an introductory survey of the historic timber trade, and several appendices, including over 160 illustrated wood samples from the Economic Botany collection at Kew Gardens, a list of botanical names by family cross referenced to common names, a list of botanical names by species cross referenced to common names and a list of common names cross referenced to botanical names.

368pp. 330x245mm. 350 colour images. Hardback.

ISBN: 9780955657672  
 Price £110.00 $181.50
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