El genero Inga en el Ecuador: Morfologia, Distribucion y Usos

 Author(s) T. D. Pennington and N. Revelo 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 1997
 Description  This book describes the 75 known Ecuadorian species of Inga (Leguminosae-Mimosoideae). Each species has a short botanical description, a superb full-page line illustration, a distribution map and information on phenology, ecology, actual and potential uses. There is an introductory chapter on utilization, species selection, seed collection and storage, propagation and management. Also included is a key for the identification of species, glossary of botanical terms, list of herbarium specimens studied and indexes of scientific and vernacular names.
The text is in Spanish.

193pp. 245 x 155mm. Paperback

ISBN 1900347202

 Price 33.00 $54.45
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