Champion Trees of Britain & Ireland: The Tree Register Handbook

 Author(s) Owen Johnson 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, in association with the Tree Register, 2011
 Description  What kind of trees grow where, how long do they live, and how big do they become? This book answers these questions and more, introducing the finest examples of every kind of tree growing in the British Isles, from ancient yews and towering sequoias to the rarest of recent introductions. Over 5,000 trees are described, 60% of which are newly discovered or re-recorded since the last publication of the Tree Register in 2003.
The book comprises an alphabetical listing of all species by botanical name, as well as a guide to visiting Britain and Ireland's finest specimens, organised by geographical region and county. A checklist of all native trees is included, as are indexes of synonyms, common names, and places. An indispensable resource for the professional arboriculturist, and an inspirational guide for the layman, the book is packed with personal insights, local knowledge, and photographs of individual trees.

298pp. 234 x 156mm. 200 colour photographs. Paperback.

ISBN: 9781842464526

 Price 22.00 $36.30
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