Field Guide to the Plants of East Sabah

 Author(s) Rogier de Kok and Tim Utteridge 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2010
 Description  This is the first field guide dealing with the seed plants of the lowlands of East Sabah, Malaysia, and features the 84 most commonly encountered families in the low land rainforest of Danum Valley, Maliau Basin and Imbak Canyon. Plant families are presented alphabetically, and each carries a full description, with field characters and descriptions of the key genera. Each family is illustrated with full colour photographic images.
This is an easy to use guide aimed at students, conservation workers, scientists and the increasing numbers of eco-tourists in Sabah, Malaysia, and will be an invaluable identification tool both in the field and in the herbarium.

176pp. 234 x 156mm 100 colour photographs. Maps. Paperback.

ISBN: 9781842463789

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