Woody Plants of Western African Forests: A Guide to the Forest Trees, Shrubs and Lianes from Senegal to Ghana.

 Author(s) W.D. Hawthorne & C.C.H. Jongkind 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2008
 Description  A guide to the identification of all the woody plants (c. 2,250 species in 740 genera) of the forest region of West Africa called 'Upper Guinea', between Togo and Senegal. Upper Guinea is one of the world's most important centres of biodiversity, from the mountain forests of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, to the lowland evergreen, and semideciduous forests widespread also in Ghana and Ivory Coast. This comprehensively illustrated guide will play a vital supportive role in the challenge of sustainable development within the forest region of West Africa, helping to promote best practice in the management of its plants and forests.

1,040pp. 289 X 235 mm. 2,600 line drawings. 2,600 colour photographs. Hardback.

ISBN 1842460897

 Price 99.00 $163.35
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