The Plants of Kupe, Mwanenguba and the Bakossi Mountains, Cameroon: A Conservation Checklist

 Author(s) M. Cheek, B.J. Pollard, I. Darbyshire, J-M. Onana, and C. Wild, C. 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2004
 Description  With 2,412 species described, of which 232 are assessed as globally threatened and 82 as strictly endemic, from an area of 2,390 square kilometers, this book records what now appears to be Tropical Africa's richest documented centre of diversity. Yet, in 1993, only 123 species were listed from Mount Kupe!
Detailed chapters are included on Red Data plant species, vegetation, the physocal environment, ethnobotany and medicinal plants, sacred groves, the vertebrate fauna, invasive alien and weedy plants, the protected areas system, together with chapters on macrofungi and bryophytes.

512pp. 297 x 210mm. 85 colour photos on 16 plates. 22 figs and maps. Paperback

ISBN 1842460749

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