Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of the Miombo Woodlands

 Author(s) Paul Smith and Quentin Allen 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2004
 Description  Designed for a wide range of people working in, or visiting, south-central Africa, this practical field guide to the trees and shrubs of the Miombo Woodlands provides an accessible account of 60 of the most common trees and shrubs of the Miombo vegetation.
Each species is attractively illustrated with line drawings and watercolours, and every account includes a distribution map as well as general notes on appearance, habitat, ecology and uses.Many Miombo species have symbiotic relationships with edible fungi, the most common of which are also described and illustrated.Based on extensive field experience in Zambia's national parks, this book has been written with a minimum of technical language to assist non-specialists and specialists alike in intuitive plant recognition.

176pp. 215 x 124mm. Flexi cover.

ISBN 1842460730

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