Seed Conservation: Turning Science into Practice

 Author(s) R.D.Smith, J.B.Dickie, S.H.Linington,H.W.Pritchard, and R.J. Probert (eds.) 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2003
 Description  A landmark review of the current scientific knowledge that underpins seed banking - a technology which plays a key role in the conservation of both domesticated wild plant species. The book is the outcome of a workshop in 2001 hosted at Wakehurst Place by the Millennium Seed Bank Project, and reflects international collaboration on the seed conservation of wild plant species.
56 chapters divided into 3 sections:-
Planning and collecting.
Seed processing and testing.
Seed storage and utilisation.

1,046pp. 245 x 155mm. Paperback

ISBN 1842460528

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