The Plants of Mount Kinabalu: 4. Dicotyledon families Acanthaceae to Lythraceae

 Author(s) John H. Beaman, Christine Anderson and Reed S. Beaman 
 Publisher Natural History Publications (Borneo) in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2001
 Description  The Plants of Mount Kinabalu provides an inventory of all vascular plants in the flora of Mount Kinabalu. Volume 4 contains historical aspects of plant collecting on Kinabalu, a biographical sketch of two of the most important collectors, Mary Strong and Joseph Clemens, analysis of the collections, and enumeration of half the dicotyledons (83 families, 430 genera and 1575 species, subspecies and varieties - just over a quarter of the total Kinabalu flora). The book is particularly authoritative because of the collaboration of 25 noted specialists in various plant groups.

Forty-five plates (containing over 170-colour photographs) enhance the text.

588pp. 250 x 160mm. Hardback, with jacket

ISBN 9838120510

 Price 88.00 $145.20
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