Ecological Survey of Zambia

 Author(s) Paul Smith (Ed.) 
 Publisher Kew Publishing 2001
 Description  The Ecological Survey of Zambia is a detailed account of the traverses by Colin Trapnell during 1932-43 in what used to be Northern Rhodesia. His aim was to document the natural resources and ecology of what was a largely unknown country. The information on soils, traditional agricultural methods, geology, African plant names, plant distribution and associations, and economic botany will be of interest to anyone concerned with the natural resources, ecology and economy of Zambia. Extensively illustrated with line drawings, Colin Trapnell's own photographs, and two full sheet vegetation-soil maps, this three-volume work is supplied as a set in a sturdy slip case.

1.404pp. 248x170mm. Paperback with slip case.
ISBN 1842460056 (set)

 Price 79.00 $130.35
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