HARDY CYPRIPEDIUM: Species, hybrids and cultivation.

 Author(s) Werner Frosch and Phillip Cribb 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2012
 Description  This is a photographic account of the hardy slipper orchid genus Cypripedium and its hybrids, aimed mainly at professional and amateur growers, but will also appeal to orchid lovers. Cypripedium or hardy slipper orchids are one of the most popular groups of orchids, and their 100 or more hybrids are particularly easy to grow.
The main feature of this book is the array of spectacular and beautiful photography of the 50 species and 100 hybrids of Cypripedium. The accompanying text includes plant descriptions, distribution, ecology, habitat and habit, as well as cultivation methods and details of nurseries offering slipper orchids. Other sections cover the history, morphology, ecology and conservation of Cypripedium.
This book is ideal for those keen to grow slipper orchids in the garden, and will encourage growers to buy artificially propagated hybrids over wild-collected species. The authors’ extensive field and hands-on experience in growing and hybridizing Cypripedium is second to none.

160pp (e) 238 x 287mm. 300+ colour photographs. 50 maps. Hardback.

ISBN: 9781842464649  
 Price £45.00 $74.25
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