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1. World Checklist of Dioscoreales: Yams and their Allies
World Checklists 
Dioscoreales are a small but systematically and economically significant order of monocotyledons. The most diverse and important member is the yam genus, Dioscorea L., a source of dietary starch at macroeconomic to rural community levels. O......
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2. World Checklist of Cyperaceae
World Checklists 
The sedge family, Cyperaceae, is the third largest family of monocotyledonous plants. They are of significant economic importance, especially among rural communities in the tropics, where sedges are intensively used. The World Checklist of......
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3. World Checklist & Bibliography of Araceae (and Acoraceae)
World Checklists 
In all, Araceae contains 106 genera and 2,823 species, with a range that extends through the wet and dry tropics and north and south into temperate lands. While many genera - Anthurium, Caladium, Dieffenbachia, Monstera and Philodendron - a......
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4. World Checklist and Bibliography of Campanulaceae
World Checklists 
The bellflower Family Campanulaceae is found throughout the world, and includes a large number of species important in ornamental horticulture. For the past quarter century, Dr. Thomas Lammers has devoted his professional career to a better......
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5. World Checklist and Bibliography of Araliaceae
World Checklists 
A comprehensive systematic alphabetical catalogue of genera and species in the family Araliaceae, with full synonymy, source references, generic descriptions and historical accounts, and black-and-white illustrations. 456pp. 297 x 210mm.......
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6. World Checklist and Bibliography of Sapotaceae
World Checklists 
The volume presents the first full list (54 genera and 1175 species) of the family to appear since the mid-nineteenth century. The Sapotaceae (the argan, chicle or gutta-percha family) are prominent in most of the wetter tropics and subtro......
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7. World Checklist and Bibliography of Euphorbiaceae (and Pandaceae)
World Checklists 
Produced in four volumes this work contains a comprehensive listing of all Euphorbiaceae and Pandaceae. Laid out alphabetically by genera, it is a vital reference to botanists, students, collectors and growers. It draws attention to current......
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