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1. The Smallest Kingdom: Plants and Plant Collectors at the Cape of Good Hope
Regional works - AFRICA 
The Smallest Kingdom is an illustrated account of the botanical exploration of South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom and the plants that this region has given to the gardens of the world over the last four centuries. Over Kew’s 250 year histor......
£28.00  |  $46.20

2. Red Data Book of the Flowering Plants of Cameroon: IUCN Global Assessments
Regional works - AFRICA 
This is tropical Africa’s first Red Data book for plants. Cameroon contains tropical Africa’s most species-diverse hotspots for plants; many are rare and threatened with extinction. In the book 815 species are documented as being threatened......
£85.00  |  $140.25

3. Field Guide to the Plants of Northern Botswana including the Okavango
Regional works - AFRICA 
Northern Botswana and surrounding regions boast a rich and scientifically important diversity of plants and animals, which attract large numbers of tourists and other visitors. This field guide includes over 500 flowering herbs, trees, shr......
£76.00  |  $125.40

4. The Plants of Dom, Bamenda Highlands, Cameroon: A Checklist
Regional works - AFRICA 
Dom is located in the Bamenda Highlands of North West Region (formerly North West Province) of Cameroon, and is home not just to several hundred people, but to several areas of forest now protected, managed, and in the process of being enla......
£39.00  |  $64.35

5. Field Guide to the Rattans of Africa
Regional works - AFRICA 
Africa’s rattans are the basis for many rural crafts and economies and urban based industries, and have the potential to become a major crop on the world markets as a non-timber forest crop. Written for the worker in the field, whether scie......
£28.00  |  $46.20

6. Flore Generique des Arbres de Madagascar
Regional works - AFRICA 
The FRENCH language version of this practical field manual for the identification of the 500 genera of native and naturalized Malagasy trees. Identification keys emphasise vegetative and gross morphological features. All genera are provide......
£36.00  |  $59.40

7. The Plants of Mefou proposed National Park, Yaoundé, Cameroon. A Conservation Checklist.
Regional works - AFRICA 
This book provides a flora of the Mefou area, Cameroon. Introductory chapters cover the vegetation, geology, soil types, climate, threats, invasive and alien plants, ethnobotany and history of botanical exploration in the area. A Red Data c......
£44.00  |  $72.60

8. Flora of Somalia: Vol. 1 - Pteridophyta; Gymnospermae; Angiospermae (Annonaceae-Fabaceae)
Regional works - AFRICA 
The Somalia flora is very rich in comparison with other arid areas in Africa. Published in four volumes, the 'Flora of Somalia' provides the first comprehensive account of all the vascular plants known to occur in the region, and is a found......
£53.00  |  $87.45

9. Zambian Plants: Their Vernacular Names and Uses
Regional works - AFRICA 
An essential reference for any botanist working in Zambia, this comprehensive list of vernacular plant names is not only cross-referenced to the most up to date scientific nomenclature, but also comprises the most comprehensive review of th......
£67.00  |  $110.55

10. Zambian Plants used as Traditional Fever Cures
Regional works - AFRICA 
This book lists over 400 Zambian plant remedies with their scientific and common names, a brief description of plant and habitat, and the plant parts used with the recipes and areas, and scientific research where relevant. A glossary also p......
£70.00  |  $115.50

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