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1. The Genus Roscoea
Plant Monographs 
Roscoeas, native to the Himalayas, Burma and China, are striking orchid-like hardy gingers and one of the outstanding gems of the plant world. Written with passion and enthusiasm, this is an accessible and comprehensive book, whether you ar......
£42.00  |  $69.30

2. Hardy Heathers
Plant Monographs 
Published in the Botanical Magazine Monograph series, this is a fully illustrated monograph describing all Calluna, Daboecia and Erica species growing naturally in the northern hemisphere. It includes 20 maps, 41 line drawings, over 160 col......
£60.00  |  $99.00

3. Huanduj: BRUGMANSIA
Plant Monographs 
This is the first full taxonomic revision of the genus Brugmansia ever published, and combines original field research and horticultural expertise with a review of well over 600 bibliographic references from the 16th Century to present day,......
£68.00  |  $112.20

4. The Genus Tulipa : Tulips of the World
Plant Monographs 
New to Kew’s Botanical Magazine Monograph series, The Genus Tulipa is the most complete survey of tulip species to date. Each species is illustrated by a botanical painting by artist and author Diana Everett, with accompanying colour phot......
£68.00  |  $112.20

5. Peonies of the World Vol. 2 - Polymorphism and Diversity
Plant Monographs 
This is the second part of the three volume set monograph Peonies of the World, a comprehensive taxonomic revision of the genus Paeonia. Part of Hong De-Yuan’s extensive field work on the distribution of the genus Paeonia, and supported by......
£70.00  |  $115.50

6. GENUS CYCLAMEN: Science, Cultivation, Art and Culture
Plant Monographs 
This book is a celebration of cyclamen, a genus of only 23 species popular amongst gardeners, growers, botanists and enthusiasts alike. Native to parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa; cyclamen are also highly cultivated p......
£90.00  |  $148.50

7. The Genus Lachenalia: A Botanical Magazine Monograph
Plant Monographs 
"For the outstanding photos and paintings alone this substantial book is worth buying" S. African Journal of Botany 87 (2013) 25-26 This is the first complete and illustrated monograph of the genus Lachenalia, a horticulturally importa......
£120.00  |  $198.00

8. The Genus Jasminum in Cultivation
Plant Monographs 
A superb Botanical Magazine Monograph, edited by Martyn Rix, destined for gardeners, nurserymen, botanists, and lovers of botanical art. The Genus Jasminum details the historical and cultural use of jasmine, its role in perfumery and medi......
£40.00  |  $66.00

9. Peonies of the World
Plant Monographs 
The genus Paeonia is a famous group of plants that has been culturally significant in both the East and West for millennia, and is extensively cultivated for both ornamental and medicine purposes. The cultivated tree peony is known as ‘The......
£90.00  |  $148.50

10. The Genus Macaranga: A Prodromus
Plant Monographs 
Macaranga is a genus in the family Euphorbiaceae, comprising trees, treelets and some lianas - many of which are conspicuous large-leafed pioneers of disturbed habitats. There are 257 species, of which 21 are newly described in this work. A......
£65.00  |  $107.25

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